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Chipping Key Characteristis

The Concept: Minimum Air, Maximum Roll

  • Grip down on the Club
  • Grip pressure 6 or 7 on scale 0-10
  • Stance 6 to 8 inches apart
  • Weight 70% on front foot
  • Ball position back of center
  • Eyes over the ball(like putting)

*Shaft will be upright and heel of club off the ground

*The hands will be in front of the ball


When chipping we are working with a ratio carry: roll

Carry: Roll             Club

1 to 1                    SW

1 to 2                    PW

                                                 1 to 3                     9

                                                 1 to 4                     8

                                                 1 to 5                     7

                                                 1 to 6                     6


No matter where the ball is we want to carry the ball one pace on the green and let the ball roll to where the hole is.


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