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Frank O'Connell, PGA



Springfield Golf & Country Club
First Assistant Golf Profession/ Head Teaching Professional

(CELL) 480.206.6173
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Teaching and club fitting with TrackMan4 provides 3D imaging of 27 variables, ball flight, club face, face angle, club speed, ball speed, spin rate and so much more. The understanding from this increases the learning curve, there is no more trial and error.  

If video is the x-ray of the golf swing, then TrackMan is the MRI of the golf swing.

TrackMan III also offer the TrackMan Combine Test which is a standardized test that enables golfers to identify their shot making skills as well as benchmark their performance with players of any level.


Trackman Combine Test - $149.00ea 3 for $349


Club Fitting -   $159 


Individual Instruction

1 -   Hour lesson $125.00 
3 -   One Hour lessons $345.00 
5 -   One Hour lessons $550.00 
10 - One Hour lessons $999.00


Winter Lesson    $99 per 

TPI Physical Screen $75ea

MyTPI Pro-one year subscription $225

2018 Winter Programs $999 for 16 hours of instruction November though  February 


One Hour Group Instruction 

2 Students $120  ($25 for ea additional student max 5)

Call for info on Frank's One Day Golf Schools


 Lessons include:

  • Video Analysis
  • Written Game Plan
  • Equipment Analysis
  • Drills
  • Junior discount (10%)

How you will Improve.

A student's mental vision of his/her golf swing rarely matches the actual physical swing. When they able to see their motion in a stop- action movement the learning process quickens.

Playing Lesson

A playing lesson will focus more on what a player is thinking, positive or negative thoughts, course management issues, and the ability to separate the playing mind from the practice mind.

9 Hole Playing Lesson  - $150

18 Hole Playing Lesson - $250

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