Trackman Swing Analysis


Unmatched Accuracy
Industry leading technology combined with ease-of-use and world class 
customer support

Video and Data Merged 
Automated video capture including TrackMan's proprietary 3D graphics overlay

Upgrade Your Understanding
Join TrackMan University to raise your understanding to the next level

Online Storage and Sharing Tools 
Work smarter with cutting edge online tools via

Promote Your Business 
Access videos and photos for promotion and gain exposure via the TrackMan 

Extend Your Season 
TrackMan works indoors and outdoors to provide a solution for all environments


Gaming and Benchmarking
Make practice fun with Test Center and TrackMan Combine. Use TrackMan Combine to benchmark the golfer and compare their results to others from around the world. Create your own tests to build a practice program or focus on a certain yardage.

"I recommend all serious golfers take the TrackMan Combine on a regular basis" - Sir Nick Faldo

Trackman Swing Analysis


Trackman is a the world leading launch monitor used to analyze a player’s swing and ball flight with detailed and precise numbers. TrackMan's cutting-edge analysis, practice, and benchmarking tools are revolutionizing the teaching industry. It is the number one choice of USGA, PGA Tour and The R&A. The player’s club and ball data are integrated into video, providing each swing with 3D imaging of the ball flight, club path, face angle, ball speed and more. There is a total of 26 variables recorded for the ball and club data along with gaming and benchmarking to compare results with PGA Tour players as well as amateurs.


When using trackman to club fit there is no guesswork. With trackman’s specific and accurate data of launch angle, backspin, and ball speed each player will have the correct configurations for the shaft and lofts. Trackman provides the carry distance and total distance of all the clubs in a bag. The most common mistake that players make is improper gapping with their clubs. The ability to know within a yard of how far each club travels is priceless. Another variable to consider when club fitting is land angle. Land angle is descent angle of a ball as it lands measured relative to ground level. Trackman uses radar to calculate the launch and spin therefore providing the most accurate land angle, less than 40.


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